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     Men and Women Sidesmen

Duty rota from May 20147 - April 2018:     click here to download copy of rota

Thank you for your continuing support and commitment – we rely on you to help welcome people and ensure our services run smoothly. If for some reason you cannot fulfill your slot in the main service rota below, please will you arrange to swap with someone else and let one of us know before the service if at all possible.

As William Pullé and Douglas Cragg have again been appointed as Assistant Sidesmen they will be helping whenever they can at some of our 10.00 am services. Please involve them fully in helping you with your own responsibilities.

Please may we remind you to do your best to attend at least 30 minutes before the start of services.
The guide below was developed with your input as a check-list of the main responsibilities to be carried out at Sunday morning services.
8.30 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
1st in month
Jean Paton
Bill Paton
Glen Jackson
Sandra Jackson
Jane Massey
2nd in month
Kevin Fryer
John Oram
John Jack
John Land
Trevor Jenkins
William Pullé (or Douglas Cragg)*
3rd in month
Kevin Fryer
Graham Ede
Glen Jackson
Alan Lane
Lucy Suchland
Ann Lane
David Senior
4th in month
Kevin Fryer
John Oram
Lucy Suchland
David Thompson
Pat Riches
Lew Riches
Douglas Cragg (or William Pullé)*
5th in month
Kevin Fryer
Graham Ede
John Jack
Trevor Jenkins
John Land
Rod Pickles
10.30 am
Ray Davies, Jack Kelly or Jim Lindsay
Richard Gabbitas
*as available
Churchwarden Team:  Alastair Cragg, Jayne Weaver, Val Cragg, Alan Rickards, Stephen Haigh

Guide to the duties of a Sidesman (revised May 2017)

Our men and women sidesmen are important in helping our services of worship run smoothly so that everyone feels welcome and engaged. The list below is a guide to the usual responsibilities involved at Sunday morning services but, if you are unsure of anything, please ask the duty warden or sidesman:

1 Availability: if you can’t carry out your duty slot as per the monthly rota, please make alternative arrangements in advance with a fellow sidesman. Please also let a warden know before the service if you have swapped your duty slot.

2 Time to be on duty: it is important to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time of the service – you should expect to stay about 10 minutes at the end.

3 Before the service: prepare any required hymn and service books with Link letters to give to the congregation as they come in; make sure that each long pew has a minimum of four white envelopes and three Standing Order Tokens; before 10am services (except 3rd Sunday of month), put out hymn and service books for Genesis on the front two pews on each side of the church. Unbolt the North and South doors before services

4 Greeting the congregation: please make sure that everyone is warmly welcomed when they arrive, especially visitors, opening the main door(s) as they come in and taking note of any special needs; give everyone a set of books needed for the service and a Link letter. Once the altar candles have been lit before the service, please keep all conversation to a minimum.

5 Safety and Emergency Evacuations: Please make sure you know the location of the fire extinguishers and First Aid Kit. There are emergency torches kept under the wardens’ pew.

Agree who will be responsible for opening and manning the North and South side-doors in an emergency – these side-doors must be kept unlocked during services.

The gallery is only to be used if directed by the duty warden who will control the number of adults and children to be admitted. When the gallery is occupied, a sidesman must be present by the balcony exit door which must be kept unlocked during the service.

6 Genesis (Sunday School) arrangements at the 10 am Services: agree which two sidesmen will wear Hi-Vis jackets to escort Genesis over the road and which two will take the offertory.

a. 1st & 5th Sundays: two sidesmen escort the children and teachers from the Church Hall over the road in time for the start of the service and escort them back following the second hymn.
b. 2nd & 4th Sundays: two sidesmen escort the children and teachers from the Church Hall over the road in time to enter after intercessions and escort them back at the end of the service. Confirm with the Genesis superintendent the total number of adults and children and the likely number of communicants. Give these numbers to the duty warden or sidesman.
c. 3rd Sunday – there is no Sunday School currently

7 Counting the Congregation: in Communion Services, the duty warden may ask for your help in counting the congregation but normally he or she will signal the expected number of any communicants to the Vicar. Those taking up the elements of bread and wine for Communion may be asked to inform the Vicar of the number of expected communicants.

8 Offertory: normally two sidesmen will collect the offertory from the congregation and present it to the Minister for blessing, after which the offertory will be placed on the altar table for the remainder of the service. The offertory is counted and recorded after the service by two people, normally sidesmen (see Appendix for procedure at Sunday Services).

9 End of the service: service books etc. are collected and put away as the congregation leaves. Two people (normally sidesmen) count and record the offertory (see Appendix) and give the completed offertory record sheet and all monies and envelopes to the duty warden for storage in the church safe. The other sidesmen collect any unreturned books etc, tidy pew seat covers, reposition pew bibles, and refill the pew ledges with envelopes/tokens (see 3 above) and re-bolt both church side-doors.

Appendix Revised Procedure for Dealing with the Offertory


At St. Luke’s worshippers are able to give their regular offering in different ways:

• open donation of cash or cheque on the collection plate
• in White Envelopes (available in all the pews), left blank or signed and addressed if the individual is a tax-payer and wishes the PCC to reclaim through Gift Aid their tax paid
• in weekly Planned Giving Envelopes (supplied as a set each year bearing an individual reference number known only to the Parish Giving Officer)
• by Bank standing order under the Planned Giving scheme (many members put one of the plastic cards from the pews in the collection plate to show their giving in this way).

Our procedure for dealing with the offertory is designed to handle these different ways of giving and ensure that all of the monies are properly accounted for and banked by the Hon. Treasurer and that the Parish Giving Officer can administer the Planned Giving scheme and Gift Aid tax reclaims maintaining confidentiality.  It’s important for everyone concerned that everything is properly recorded and that as far as possible two people take part in the counting and recording procedure. Please consult the duty warden if you are unsure.

Procedure at Sunday Services:

1 Unaddressed White Envelopes – open and add contents to the cash/cheque donations on the open plate.
[note: the contents do not need to be recorded on individual envelopes – these envelopes are destroyed.]

2 Combined cash/cheques from (1) - count and record on the Offertory Record Sheet and place cash/cheques in plastic bag.
[note: there is no need to separate different denominations]

3 Addressed White Envelopes – open and write contents on individual envelopes, count total envelope contents, record on the Offertory Record Sheet, place cash/cheques in separate plastic bag, and retain envelopes.

4 Planned Giving Numbered Envelope – open and write contents on individual envelopes, count total envelope contents, record on the Offertory Record Sheet, place cash/cheques in separate plastic bag, and retain envelopes.

5 Offertory Record Sheet – after completion it should be signed by the person carrying out the count and the person checking the totals [these can be sidesmen or wardens] and returned to the Duty Warden with the three separate plastic bags of cash/cheques and the opened Planned Giving Envelopes and Addressed White Envelopes.

6 Duty Warden – he/she will enter into the Service Register for the appropriate service:

(a) the amount from Planned Giving; and
(b) the total of the combined cash and all white envelope giving; the monies will then be placed in the safe for later collection by the Hon. Treasurer.