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more about Genesis 






Welcome to GENESIS in 2018!


a new opportunity for young people ages 2 - 11 to explore faith through craft, music drama and friendship


we meet on Sundays from 10 - 11am in the Church Hall 


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Genesis Calendar until Easter 2018



14th January    Genesis - Joshua and the fall of Jericho

21st January    Family Morning Worship with music group

28th January    Genesis - Samuel

4th February    Genesis - Saul and David

11th February  Genesis - Preparing for Lent

18th February  Family Morning Worship with music group

25th February  Genesis- David and Goliath

4th March        Genesis - Mothering Sunday preparations/ crafts

11th March      Mothering Sunday - Parade Service for Uniformed Groups

No Genesis today

18th March      Family Morning Worship with music group

25th March      Genesis- Palm Sunday and Holy Week preparations

1st April           Easter Sunday family Service

 No Genesis today

Fiona Pullé


tel. 01477 537796


About us and what we do:

GENESIS is a place for young people, 2-11 years, to explore faith through craft, music, drama and friendship. We meet every Sunday, except the third Sunday in the month, at St Luke’s Church Hall, from 10-11am. We usually go over to Church for 15 minutes at the beginning or end of our session. If children wish to bring some money for the Church collection, this is taken over to Church in the collection plate. 


Can we just remind everyone that we do have a Church collection plate in Genesis which we leave on a table at the entrance to the Church Hall.
If you would like to make a donation to the Church it can be placed in the offering plate which is then taken across to Church.  Alternatively, you might like to Gift Aid your offering by placing your donation in a Church envelope.  I have a supply of these envelopes available for Genesis and leave them by the collection plate for your convenience. 


If you know of anyone who is thinking about coming to Genesis and would appreciate a newsletter or phone call, please do let us know.


As part of the wider Church prayer network, each Genesis class teacher takes responsibility for praying for the children in their group and for their families.
If there is anyone you would like us to include in our prayers, please do let us know and if we can be of any help or support.