Social Committee

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 The Social  Committee is an informal group which makes an important contribution to Parish life by organising refreshments for Church events.

It is always looking for new members.  If you think you could help, please contact Pat Riches on 01565 654618 or Carole Elliott on 01477 533882.

Sunday 16th March:


A few weeks ago the Social Committee sat down and thought about how we could raise money for the Church Roof Appeal. Many ideas were suggested, but we did decide we wanted to do something soon rather than wait until the Summer. Also what was the best time to hold it in order to get the best turn-out? The Jubilee lunch had been a success a couple of years ago, so we decided on a lunch which then became a dinner, which then became ‘candle-lit’ and smart!



So on Sunday March 16th in the evening we all turned up with our allotted meals to cook, and I suspect quite a bit of panic at that point as to ‘what have we taken on??’ and ‘how on earth does the oven work?’ and ‘how are we going to all this stuff in time?’. Even, ‘we need a bigger kitchen!’ was heard coming from our mouths.

Well, we had managed to persuade about 80 people to come and they all came smartly dressed and ready to eat.




John Jack had ‘volunteered’ to serenade us on the piano throughout the evening, which was a lovely background, along with all the chattering that was going on!! 

Faith Group had been commandeered to serve on tables – and a wonderful job they did too – we really couldn’t have managed without them.


We had decided on a choice of two soups, and with the help of Glen and Sandra Jackson, that was successful. Main course was a choice of Boeuf Bourgignon, Tarragon Chicken and a Vegetable Tagine, along with Potatoes Boulangere and carrots and peas. Desserts were much easier – New York cheesecake with raspberry coulis, and profiteroles with chocolate sauce. If people then wanted teas and coffees then some male volunteers would have to be found – and volunteer they did – thank you, men (sorry, can’t remember you all!)

From the comments we got afterwards we feel it was a very successful evening and with all costs taken into account we raised £525!. So thank you, everyone who came – sorry if you couldn’t make it, you missed a good evening!
Thanks to everyone who helped us out in any shape or form.
The Social Committee @ St. Luke’s 
photos courtesy of Caroline Condliffe

Recent Activities

  • Harvest Supper - Friday October 4th, 7pm until 9pm

The Social Committee provided their usual annual Harvest Supper. The difference this time was that we had a brand new smart kitchen to help us, and help us it did! More working space, a fridge and a 3-minute dishwashing cycle, not to mention the huge range cooker!

We decided to have jacket potatoes with various fillings this year – chilli, bolognaise, vegetarian chilli sauces or just plain beans and cheese. It was noticeable that all plates came back clean so it must have been good!

Pudding was the usual apple pie and cream which also went down well.

The Folk/ Rock/ Salt Band provided entertainment throughout the evening – let’s hope they will come back again to other events. We didn’t hear from them enough!

Feedback from the diners was very positive and I think everyone enjoyed the evening. So, thanks to everyone involved and to all the 70+ people who bought tickets and without whom there would be no Harvest Supper!

All money raised from the evening has been donated to the Syria Crisis Appeal.

Donations of food and clothingwere placed in the supermarket trolley for the Barnabus charity which St. Luke's continues to support.