Growth Action Planning

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GAP - Growth Action Planning at St. Luke's - "Worship - where to next?"

Changes to the pattern of the 10am Sunday Services

Following the comments and suggestions from the GAP3 open meeting on October 6th (see below), Paul and the PCC have agreed to introduce some changes to our pattern of services starting in January. The changes will mainly affect the 10am services on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and are aimed at increasing the family focus and blend of contemporary and traditional content.

On the 1st Sunday, the service will involve our Sunday School more and on the 3rd Sunday, it will include the essence of the evening SALT service, which will now be discontinued. The details are being worked out with everyone involved and more information will be explained here and in the December Magazine.

The new pattern is experimental; so please be patient and approach it prayerfully knowing that the aim is to develop and enrich our worship together 

Open Meeting on Saturday October 6th - 9.00 (for 9.30) until noon on  in the Methodist Church  Hall, Knutsford Road, Holmes Chapel

We are now in the third year of our involvement in the GAP process and the Diocese has asked us to consider continuing growth in three directions – Up, In and Out.

Our previous targets have been mainly ‘Out’ and have helped develop the mission aspect of our church. Yet growth in our relationship with God (‘Up’) and with each other (‘In’) are equally important and provide the necessary balance to our Christian witness in making Christ known in our community. So please join us on October 6th as we review the GAP initiatives we have implemented so far, consider which to develop, which to change and which perhaps to end as having run their course.
Addressing the “Up”, we will explore our motivation and practice under the theme of ‘Worship’, the influence of the language and format of services and the purpose and style of music in our corporate worship.   We will be seeking a shared concern for better engagement with God through a worship pattern which honours Him, is inclusive, enriches fellowship and encourages discipleship and mutual support. In that way, we will be better able to reach out effectively to others and welcome them into our regular worship.
Your views are important and we need you to share them with us. Based on the outcome of the meeting, the PCC, under the leadership of the Vicar, will be deciding on any changes and our priorities for the coming year. The process has not yet begun and will take some time to complete and so it makes sense to suspend some of the recent changes in our evening worship pattern until the outcome of the discussions.
As we explore our approach to worship over the next months, please pray with us for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to unite us in discerning the way forward to grow closer to our Lord, to each other and to share the good news of the Gospel.

Please try to make time to come to the meeting and give us your  input but,  if you really can't come, then please give your thoughts/suggestions to a PCC member or a churchwarden.

 Saturday October 6th, 9.00 (for 9.30) until noon in the Methodist  Church  Hall.