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Baptisms at St. Luke's

Note: for general information about baptism, please contact our Vicar, Revd Paul Mason, by phone: 01477 533124 or email:

6 May 18Havana Isabel CASTILLO DIAZ, Daughter of Damian and Sarah
1 Apr 18Alfie John BUTLER, Son of John and Victoria
19 Nov 17Emilia Martha FARR, Daughter of Andrew and Jennifer
19 Nov 17Ellie Katie WILLIAMS, Daughter of Craig and Laura
17 Sep 17Erin Isabella JOHNSON, Daughter of Troy Dean and Kathryn Elizabeth
13 Aug 17Olivia Haf EDWARDS, Daughter of Gareth and Charlotte
13 Aug 17Imogen Grace EDWARDS, Daughter of Gareth and Charlotte
29 Jul 17Ethan Christopher STEELE, Son of David and Claire
29 Jul 17Kieran Eric STEELE, Son of David and Claire
23 Jul 17Thomas Henri GILLER, Son of Ben and Emma
2 Jul 17Florrie TAYLOR, Daughter of David and Victoria
18 Jun 17Joseph MADDOCK, Son of Jo and Amanda
4 Jun 17Emily Beatrice Elske COPLEY, Daughter of Nicholas and Natasha
21 May 17Harry John SPARKES, Son of Kevin and Lisa
30 Apr 17Molly CADWALLENDER, Daughter of Steven and Victoria
16 Apr 17Ephelia Josephine Bay DAVENPORT
19 Mar 17 Max Isaac ROYLE-JONES, Son of Neil and Zoe
12 Mar 17Isabella Grace FERRER, Daughter of Carl and Helen
26 Feb 17Lola Indie WALKER, daughter of Michael and Chloe
20 Nov 16Ava-Marie Isabelle GREGSON, Daughter of David and Janine
20 Nov 16Natasha Alison WILLIAMS (adult)
20 Nov 16Neve Victoria Joy KAY, Daughter of David and Alison
6 Nov 16Jack FARRINGTON, Son of Ashley and Carley
18 Sep 16Sebastian James TAYLOR, Son of Daniel and Emma
4 Sep 16Georgia STUBBS, Daughter of Daniel and Sophie
14 Aug 16Charlotte Emelia WHITE, Daughter of Simon and Laura
17 Jul 16Kayden George RATHBONE, Son of Ian and Jacqueline
17 Jul 16Kye John RATHBONE, Son of Ian and Jacqueline
16 Jul 16Sophia Oksana HAYNES, Daughter of Simon and Rachel
26 Jun 16Robert PURCELL, Son of Gary and Rebecca
26 Jun 16Jamie Ross OLLERTON (adult)
26 Jun 16Katie Heather OLLERTON (adult)
19 Jun 16Seren Olivia MALLEY, Daughter of Adam and Kerry
19 Jun 16Mitchell Thomas LITTLER, Son of Andrew and Gemma
16 Jun 16Emily BEALE, Daughter of Kerry and Daniel
29 May 16Samuel Joseph SAUNDERS (adult)
29 May 16Lisa Marie ARRAZZO (adult)
15 May 16Maria Elizabeth HAZLEHURST, Daughter of Adam and Kathryn
10 Apr 16Joshua Jack SANDBACH, son of Neil and Cheryl
3 Apr 16Isabelle Anne WINWARD, daughter of David and Karen
13 Mar 16Charlie Andrew DINGLE, Son of Andrew and Sarah
21 Feb 16Jacob Billy Andrew ROBERTSON, Son of Ben and Emma 
21 Feb 16Harry Michael Eric CORWOOD, Son of Stephen and Lisa
21 Feb 16Charlotte Grace JONES, Daughter of Rupert and Rebecca
10 Jan 16Luca Christian FERRER, Son of Carl and Helen
6 Dec 15Nancy Grace OTTER, Daughter of Jamie and Jayne
25 Oct 15Emily Jayne JOHNSTON, Daughter of Steven and Kelly
26 Sep 15Henry Ashley BARNES, son of Martin and Helen
26 Sep 15Clarence Arthur BARNES, son of Martin and Helen
13 Sep 15Alfie James LUNT, Son of David and Gillian
21 Jun 15Ashton James LITTLER, Son of Andrew and Gemma
24 May 15Nancy Lillian LAWSON, Daughter of Philip and Alison
21 Dec 14Jessica Victoria POLLITT, Daughter of Staurt and Victoria
28 Sep 14Ben Simon DINGLE, Son of Simon and Rachael
14 Sep 14Ella Grace RICHARDS, Daughter of Christopher and Emma
7 Sep 14William Frank WEBB, Son of Gary and Wendy
31 Aug 14Luca Paul BAYLISS, Son of Richard and Katherine
24 Aug 14Hatty Grace ROBINSON, Daughter of Michael and Jodie
6 Jul 14Ashlyn Kirsten GONZALEZ WILLMOTT, Daughter of Rebecca
1 Jun 14Harry Morgan COOPER, Son of Andrew and Helen
18 May 14Callum James GOOSTREY, Son of Wayne and Claire
18 May 14Lucy Annie SMITH, Daughter of David and Charlotte
18 May 14Toby Alexander JOHNSON, Son of Troy and Kathryn
17 May 14Edward Michael William SLAUGHTER, Son of Gareth and Christina
4 May 14Amber Ivee BROADBENT
20 Apr 14Jabez William WINTERMAN, son of Mark and Alison
20 Apr 14Sophia Grace Lucia ASHBROOK, daughter of Gavin and Kathryn
2 Mar 14Olivia Rose EATON, daughter of Robert and Lisa
1 Mar 14Noah Ethan TAYLOR, son of David and Victoria
23 Feb 14Scarlett Ella WALKER, daughter of Michael and Chloe
19 Jan 14

Caitlin Matilda HAZLEHURST, daughter of Adam and Kathryn

24 Nov 13Noah Joseph Harry BUTLER, son of Lawrence and Claire
17 Nov 13Freddie FARRINGTON, Son of Ashley and Carley
27 Oct 13Joseph Mark WHITE
20 Oct 13James Andrew PUGSLEY, Son of Martin and Hayley
13 Oct 13Kate Louise GILLER, Daughter of Ben and Emma
8 Sep 13Evie Allana ROYLE-JONES, Daughter of Neil and Zoe
1 Sep 13Caitlyn Sophia GRIMSHAW, Daughter of Alexander and Lynette
25 Aug 13Riley Robert BUTLER, Son of John and Victoria
3 Aug 13Noah Michael GUEST, Son of Christopher and Jayne
30 Jun 13Jack Douglas CANAVAN, Son of Douglas and Katie
26 May 13Harrison James KEEN, Son of Bradley and Polly
17 Mar 13Joshua Thomas WINWARD, Son of Richard and Karen
13 Jan 13Joseph Dylan BEALE, Son of Daniel and Kerry
25 Nov 12Aiden John WHELAN STEELE, Son of David and Claire
25 Nov  12Beth May FEWTRILL, Daughter of Nicholas and Karen
21 Oct 12Sienna Lily OLDS, Daughter of Greg and Claire
2 Sep 12Charelle Anne WHEELER, Daughter of Michael and Sarah
2 Sep 12Zachary Michael WHEELER, Son of Michael and Sarah
19 Aug 12Matthew Philip HOLLAND, Son of Matthew and Emily
19 AugAmy Frances DINGLE, Daughter of Simon and Rachael
22 Jul 12George Stewart JONES, son of Stuart and Charlotte
8 Jul 12Oliver James WILLIAMS, son of Craig and Laura
1 Jul 12Jacob Michael WARDLE, son of Martin and Charlotte
10 Jun 12Evie Grace WILLIAMS, daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra
 6 May 12Hiu Tung LEE
 6 May 12Tony Jan WING
 6 May 12William Robert RADCLIFFE - Son of William and Sharon
 6 May 12Louis James GHAGAN - Son of Charles and Helen
 29 Apr 12Charlotte Katherine BRIGGS - Daughter of Simon and Rebecca
 15 Apr 12 Sophia Catherine DOOLEY, daughter of Catherine and Jonathan
 18 Mar 12 Martha Ann SANT, daughter of Ashley and Peter
15 Jan 12Gracie Belle GRIFFITHS, daughter of Steven and Lynne
11 Dec 11Derek COPLEY
20 Nov 11Natalie Rose YOUNG - Daughter of Paul and Dawn-Ellen
2 Oct 11Marcus Michael COOK - Son of James and Anthi
26 Sep 11Sienna Lily EATON - Daughter of Robert and Lisa
21 Aug 11 Isaac Leon Elliott BUTLER, son of Lawrence and Claire
7 Aug 11Charlotte Mary Elizabeth TROUSDALE - Daughter of David and Lisa
7 Aug 11Lauren Sarah Jane TROUSDALE,Daughter of David and Lisa
7 Aug 11David Brian TROUSDALE
17 Jul 11Owen Jacob GRIMSHAW, Son of Alexander and Lynette
17 Jul 11Brianna Freja Margaret HAMILTON - Daughter of Stewart and Leah
3 Jul 11Olga Florence WINTERMAN - Daughter of Mark and Alison
12 Jun 11Rowan Jay RICHARDS and Luca Joel RICHARDS - Sons of Gareth and Amanda
22 May 11Joseph James BRADBURY - Son of Daniel and Vanessa
10 Apr 11Poppy Ava Joanne ROBERTSON - Daughter of Jenna
3 Apr 11Eleanor Rose MILNE - Daughter of Robert and Suzzane
20 Mar 11Lucas Mikele SMITH - Son of Christopher and Victoria
 15 Jan 11Daniel Keith LAWRENCE - Son of Ian and Sarah
 12 Dec 10Eva Lucy GUEST - Daughter of Christopher and Jayne
  7 Nov 10Ethan Malcolm EVANS - Son of Simon and Julie
  7 Nov 10Chloe Nicole TAYLOR - Daughter of Daniel and Emma
31 Oct 10Emmie Annie CURRAN - Daughter of John and Rachel
31 Oct 10Lilia Mary CURRAN - Daughter of John and Rachel
31 Oct 10Oscar Neo ELLIS - Son of Gary and Catherine
19 Sep 10Henry Arthur James KNIPE - Son of Martin and Kerry
19 Sep 10Willian Keith PUGSLEY - Son of Martin and Hayley
12 Sep 10Noah Henry LUNT - Son of David and Gillian
12 Sep 10Jasmine Yohanna GILLICK - Daughter of Mark and Jennifer
 7 Aug 10Isabell Polly Marina CONNOR - daughter of Kerry and Valerie
25 Jul 10Harry Edward JONES - son of Stuart and Charlotte
18 Jul 10Rhys Michael BAYLISS - son of Richard and Kate