Church Roof and Tower Refurbishment

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Scheduled projects

Church Roofs Project: started 5 May 15   completed 27 Nov 15 



Tower Roof and Belfry Project:  started 30 Nov 15   completed Jan 16

Present situation:


24 Jan 16:

All the remaining minor work on the church roof project was completed in early December.  These included completion of refurbishment of the Vicar's vestry following replacement of the ceiling and the Church Heritage photographs on the new display board in the entrance porch.

Work followed on to replace the leaking tower roof and carry out repairs in the belfry as a separate project not receiving any HLF grant assistance but using the same main contractor, Haydock Slating Ltd.   Completing replacedment of the tower roof was delayed because of the bad weather. All of the work will be completed this week with the reconnection of the lightning protection and removal of the remaining scaffolding and metal cladding.  The tower roof covering has been reconfigured to give better drainage and the flag-pole has been re-erected with a new rope halyard and resited guy-wires.  The damaged oak louvres in the belfry apertures have been replaced and the bird-netting resecured.  In the churchyard, the site cabin is being removed together with the remaining construction materials this week.  The replacement notice-board near Barclays Bank will be erected once final planning permission is confirmed.


20 Nov:

Practical completion of the main roof renovation project is now expected by 27th November with minor repairs to some high level brickwork damaged during the scaffolding and removal of guttering. The new soak-away drain under the SW lawn to take rain-water from the tower and part of the valley gutter is now complete so that the church South aisle door and path can be used again. However, because of the continuing scaffolding for the work on the tower (see left), it is not yet possible to walk through the churchyard from the Barclays Bank to Red Lion sides.  

Inside the church, the Vicar’s vestry (which needed plaster repairs and a new ceiling and inspection hatch fitted) has now been re-painted but has yet to be re-carpeted.  Professional cleaning of the gallery will take place in the next two weeks ready for reuse of the gallery in time for the Christmas services.

The separate project to repair the tower roof and inside of the belfry is progressing well and should be completed by mid-December.   The bells including the clock chime will remain out of action until the work is finished.

31 Oct:

All of the main roof works scaffolding and cladding outside the church have now been removed. Inside, painting and re-carpeting of the vestry have still to be done. The entrance porch is also to be repainted, the lighting improved and the notice-boards replaced.

A new scaffold tower has been erected to give access for the tower roof repairs. [Note: These are part of a separate project, not grant assisted by the Heritage Lottery Fund, but which are being carried out by the same contractor, Haydock Slating Ltd.]   Please take special care when walking past the scaffolding to the South side of the church .

The protective wooden box over the cenotaph has been removed and the grassed areas tidied for the coming Remembrance ceremonies. Accommodation inside church is restricted since, for safety reasons, we still cannot use the gallery. The Remembrance service on 8th November will be relayed outside the church through loudspeakers.

9 Oct:

Removal of Scaffolding the temporary roof has been removed revealing the newly re-slated roof which was promptly tested by the first heavy rain for several weeks!   The bulk of the remaining scaffolding and cladding, as well as the site storage container on the NE lawn, will also go this week.  A small scaffold tower will remain, based on the gallery external steps so that repairs can be made to the church tower roof.  This will prevent the gallery being used until the tower repairs are completed in December since there will be no emergency exit.

Internal plaster repairsthese are now scheduled to begin on 12th October.  Temporary scaffolding will be erected over the font and in the NE corner to provide access.  The new ceiling in the Vicar’s vestry will also be plastered and repairs to the water damaged wall plaster made at the same time.


19 Sep:

Vicar’s Vestrythe wet rot affected wooden wall-plate and several rafters have been replaced and the damaged lath and plaster ceiling taken down and replaced with new foil-backed plaster-board. An inspection hatch is being incorporated in the loft space which is also being insulated. The roof cannot be retiled until the main scaffolding is removed at the end of September and so the Vicar’s Vestry will be out of action for several weeks more. During that time it will be redecorated.

10 Sep:

Main south roof towards tower re-slating of this roof has continued this week using reclaimed stone slates from a disused factory. In the picture a contractor is seen carefully keeping the slate in place with his boot whilst reaching for an alloy peg to attach the slate to the batten.
Vicar’s vestrythe wet rot affected wooden wall-plate and several rafters have been replaced and the damaged lath and plaster ceiling taken down. The ceiling is being replaced with new foil-backed plaster-board. An inspection hatch is being incorporated in the loft space which is also being insulated. The roof cannot be retiled until the main scaffolding is removed at the end of September and so the Vicar’s vestry will be out of action for several weeks. During that time it will be redecorated.
Removal of stone slates (19 Jun):   

Along the valley gutter towards tower


North roof


North roof towards tower


Original side-wall timber reused as wall-plate


Fixing the breathable membrane and battens (21 Jul):New Valley Gutter under construction (21 Jul):
North roof - 12 lower courses in place (7 Aug):South Gallery roof with 3 lower courses in place (7 Aug):

OPEN CHURCH - the regular morning opening of the church was suspended for safety reasons during the period of the roof and tower works.  Regular short services of Morning Prayer and Wednesday Holy Communion continued.  
The church was reopened for visitors and quiet prayer and contemplation each morning until midday on Mondays to Saturdays from Palm Sunday 20th March 2016.