Church Council documents

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Next meeting: Monday 5th March 2018 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall - agenda here

Dates of Church Council meetings (with Minutes where available) are shown below:

2018:8 Jan (Mon)
5 Mar (Mon)    
2017:9 Jan (Mon)
7 Mar (Tues)8 May (Mon)4 Jul (Tues)4 Sep (Mon)14 Nov (Tues)
2016:5 Jan
 1 Mar (Tues)
9 May (Mon)5 Jul (Tues)5 Sep (Mon)15 Nov (Tues)
2015:6 Jan 3 Mar11 May7Jul (revised)
7 Sep (Mon)
2 Nov (Mon)
2014:6 Jan 4 Mar12 May1 Jul1Sep3 Nov
2013:7 Jan  -11 Mar13 May
2 Jul
2 Sep
5 Nov


9 Jan -5 Mar14 May2 Jul3 Sep
29 Oct
2011:10 Jan1 Feb1 Mar9 May9 Jul5 Sep7 Nov (revised)
2010:11 Jan -1 Mar10 May6 Jul6 Sep2 Nov


Annual Parochial Church Meetings (with Minutes where available):

Reports provided for Annual Parochial Church Meetings:

Parochial Church Council Reports to the Charity Commission: the PCC is registered as charity no. 1132587

Note: Copies of all the PCC reports and accounts submitted to the Charity Commission are available at: and searching for charity no. 1132587

Parochial Church Council Policies and Procedures